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About this game

Tenuki is browser-based multiplayer online strategy game of resource gathering, trade and cosmic battles. Commanders join forces to battle rival alliances in pursuit of single goal: dominate a small star system Tenuki. And this battle is no easy job as planets swarm with fierce aliens unwilling to give-up their worlds. Thrill and adventures await You in the fight for Influence and Respect crushing inferior leaders. Pick your alliance and join the fray!

Take your time

Average game match lasts for about 3 months of real time. It is enough to login daily to maintain an operational fleet although skilled players will find that loging-in more frequently gives some advantage. Above all, making right decisions is most important. This game is designed in a way to take minimum of your valuable time and give maximum fun.

Name - Tenuki

The word Tenuki comes from old strategy board game Go. If two players play long enough, they both get to know each other quite well so that they can guess opponent's moves. At that point best strategies and best counter strategies are all known. To win, one player must find a way to surprise the other. And that surprising move is called Tenuki.


  • Played directly in your internet browser
  • 100% realtime gameplay
  • Clear and crisp graphics design
  • Thoroughly balanced progress system
  • Unrestricted research and production
  • Module-based ship customization
  • Ships participate in real-time battles
  • Exclusive abilities of clan directors
  • Individually finetuned comfy star system
Tenuki rules, terms and conditions