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  • Tenuki is free, and no limitations for duration of play applies
  • We recommend playing with only one account, however you are allowed to access up to 3 accounts per PC (cheating bans them all)
  • You are allowed to give your login info to other people to help you manage your fleet (i.e. when you really need to sleep at night). By doing this, you accept the risk that your account might be abused
  • You may receive other players' login info and help them (again, cheating will result in ban)

Illegal actions (cheating)

General definition: attempts to gain an advantage or profit in the game in the ways not meant or approved by its authors. These are:
  • Creating new (temporary) accounts just to transfer initial resources and funds to the main account.
  • Duplicating items
  • Hacking Tenuki website
  • Abusing game in any way not described in the Rules section above
  • Insulting or annoying other players (race, religion and other commonly understood sensitive issues)


  • Your email is kept private. You will not receive any emails except for registration confirmation.
  • Your password is yours only (even admins can't see it). Protect your password well.
  • Please respect other players' privacy as well. Do not advertise any websites or services on Tenuki alliance or clan chat boards.